Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flipkart finally got make up Yayyyyyyy.....

OMG OMG !! Did you see???
I can't believe flipkart has the health and beauty section OMGGGGGGG!!!!!
I don't know how long have I waited for that , yayyyyyyyyy.....
A #Shoutout to flipkart <3 <3 <3 ,,, I don't know why I'm so psyched about it but I am :D , actually have been waiting for them to launch beauty section , but had lost hopes as I thought they would never , and just now I went through their website , was looking for a curling iron , and boom there it was health and beauty section, Oh I love them even more now , I don't have words....... :)
OMG they have from awesome NYX, to affordable maybelline to some random clear fake nails, and alot more to come . Oooooohhhh I so wanna but alot, uhhh, well I need a job now ;) :D .
Checkout for yourself , and I'm not been paid to say all this , just too excited to share it with you all :) .
Okay have a good day .

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Colorbar velvet matte lipstick

How did I actually ended up with Colorbar velvet matte lipies , well the name says it all . I wanted a matte lipstick (not just 1 though) ,
I was mostly looking for a nude one , so I went for bare , it was pretty much the shade I wanted and although it's got a bit of orange in it . 

Now let's get into the details , 
Packaging : I like the packaging , it's pretty nice for the price paid , I like how the cap is in plastic and the rest of the body in chrome (I hate the ones in gold accents , I don't know but they are so bright gold) , and the one thing I like most about it is how at the end of it you can see the actual colour of the lipstick so you don't have to search through the clutter of your lipsticks to find the right colour . 

Texture : Like most matte lipsticks it is not the one that gets any chalky , or dry after applying , it is indeed very moisturising , it really has that velvety soft texture , although not as velvety as the nyx bronzer read here :D . 

Is it really matte ? : Well at first when I swatched/and applied it I didn't find it that matte as it does have a satin finish , even if I apply it now it is the same , but there's a trick to use it , wanna know what ? Just simply apply it and blot it on a dry tissue so you get all the excess out , it than gives you a super matte finish because it stains yes ! :D And also with that trick it does not bleed , as with red lipsticks all I worry about is what if it smudges, or bleeds, or gets on my clothes , ughh... But with this trick there's nothing left to be smudged :) . 

Staying power : I haven't tried yet but if you do the trick than it probably would last long , because the best part of colorbar velvet matte lipsticks is that they leave stain , it can be good and bad , good because it would give more natural , and matte look , also it will last longer and bad because it's hard to remove :/ , well I can live with that . 

Smell ? : All of them smells candy like , don't know what exactly but sweet . 

Pigmentation : As stated earlier it STAINS your lips ! ahann, it is indeed very pigmented , there's no doubt in that . 

Colour selection : Yeah there's a hugeeeee range of colours in the velvet matte lippies , there would be atleast 20 - 25 colors , and I heard they launched a few more checkout here . 
Although I got 3 of those - Bare , Demure , Hot Hot Hot , and love all three of them . 

PS : Swatches coming up next :)

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Jafra Pamper Party :)

Okay! So I went to an event last weekend, a full-on pampering session , and I'm probably the last one to blog about it . 
It was my first time out with the other bloggers , I got to meet Srish , Komal , Japna , Bhawna , Shaily , Megha and Akshita , well actually Akshita co-hosted the event for jafra , so she invited me . And after turning down the healthkart-Divo event , I had to go for this 1 . Well I managed to reach there on time , and I must say it was pretty nice , I liked the ambience of the whole office / confrence room , everyone there was very sweet and friendly . 

Sorry that's all the pics I could take , I wish I had taken a few more 
Jafra is a US based brand and they've already launched their brand in India last year at the Kingdom of Dreams in partnership with Ruchi . So they organised a pamper party for us bloggers , c'mon who doesn't wants to be pampered ? Right ?Right ? 
Ok so , of'course I get to meet everyone , and I was a lil nervous and new there , as it was my first event , and I was asking Akshita can we take pics now ? , and some more random stuff :P . 
Then people from Jafra team started with the introduction and the history of jafra , which is indeed named after Jan and Frank , and told us how they came up with the whole transforming life concept with the main ingredient being Herbals :) , also I'm so tempted for their Royal jelly products , which we didn't get to try but they said it was the best selling product of their collection , actually it was the start of everything . 

Now on to Pampering Ourselves , we were given cleansers and toners to freshen up and clean our faces , than moved on with the makeup , it's always fun to apply make-up , and the fun doubles up when you do it with your girlfriends . Well , Komal was picked up by almost all of us to volunteer (including me :P) , so she got the makeover done by their cosmetician , which I personally liked alot , she was really sweet <3 , and in her words "makeup is like painting , so for even painting we need a clean canvas" :) . 
They gave us the magic towels (facial wipes) , they were in cute mini cylindrical shape , it looked like mint or something but not at all wet towels , and when you  put them in a bowl filled with water they take the shape of a wet tissue , it was crazy to watch :P . here's a pic of it . 

The Table overflowing with makeup brushes , lippies,and alot of stuff 
Free Samples for us (Review coming up soon)
I got two of these :P 
We all went home with a hell lot of goodies and of'course the-most-talked-about perfume Gardenia , which is really incredible , and I almost tried everything but one thing is for sure I LOVED the makeup BRUSHES , actually not just me but everyone , super soft <3 . 
Signing off with Nidhi and Bhawna (n yeah it's me in white :P) 
Well to bulk it all up , I had a great time , meeting people , having fun , trying out makeup , super fun actually ! :) 
Look what just happened , this is my second post of the day , where I was about to do five in a day :| , screw you BSNL!! :| . PS - Still trying (editing,writing,posting) :D . 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aloha People ;)

The NYX Body Bronzer in Daydream of Oahu <3 

I always have a story behind almost every purchase I make , I don't know why but there is :P . So the story behind this purchase is that I have always been searching for a prefect bronzer for contouring (sounds wrong, right ? as they both are diff.) , still searching :P , so I thought of buying the usual nyx bronzer , but I had doubts that it would be more ORANGEY! , and also less pigmented ? , so I dropped it out of mind , then I came across with the body bronzers , I know I'm dumb enough to buy the body bronzer instead when I am looking for the face one :P . Well anyways I knew it would be weird to do so , but I thought let's atleast try maybe it is exactly what I'm looking for . As I saw the photos and all . But obviously it wasn't what I was looking for , but it doesn't mean I hate it , no I DON'T ! You'll see . 
I actually delayed this post so much , coz I wanted it to be perfect , and I guess I'm happy with it now . 

WARNING !! This post's gonna be overflowing with the photossss because I'm in love with this baby , really !! So let's start with it already . 

It was really confusing to capture the exact thing , well ! you'll see for yourself why , so I took pics in natural light (sunlight) and artificial light to give you guys a better idea , and probably I'm gonna do that alot in my future posts . :) 

In natural light 

As you can see in the photos , the colour of the product differs , like when I picked up the product on my finger it is more of gold , but when I swatched it on my hand it is more like copper , and when blended it is a perfect mixture of both , which is actually perfect for a sun-kissed look . (I would recommend clicking on the image to have a better view) 

In artificial light 

This is how it looks inside . 


Actually packaging is a thing about it which I super super love . That whole HAWAIAN look of it is just freaking pretty :) . As you can see in the pictures below , it is pretty fat :D , yeah! Overall , I love it , it's in solid plastic , like the colour . 

HOW TO USE : Now for the part how to apply , I've not really done a look for this , but still I would recommend using it with a kabuki (body kabuki would be best,but the face one works great too) , or a fluffy powder brush , I would use the qvs powder brush I have , although the bronzer comes with a sponge which is indeed super soft , you can use it too , but I prefer a brush over that . 

What I like about it : Really ? :D Well, I LOVE the PACKAGING !!! Yes! It is so cute <3 :) , the BEST part about it is it's texture , I have not seen,felt,touched anything like that before it is very VELVETY implying SUPER SOFT , also it kinda changes color like a chameleon :P , well not really changes but you can judge from the pics itself . 
So that's my take on the nyx bronzer , I toh love it <3 <3 <3 :) . 

So this was today's first post (I thought after being out of blogosphere for so long I better get back with alot of stuff , so I thought to post atleast 5 posts in a day , although I have more than 5 lined up ,well lets see how many can I upload today and btw I still have to do all the editing :D) 

PS - I went to the amazing Jafra Pampering Party , had alot of fun , met other bloggers , well yeah that is also lined up for my 1 Day 5 posts series :D . 

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog News :D

Have you checked out the amazing giveaway going on @StyleFashionEtc ?? It's sponsored by kiehl's (a skincare brand) and guess what there gonna be 21 winners , haha so cool!!!! 
I know about kiehl's through Srish's blog itself , and I am in love with it by just looking at it :D. Well , I'm gonna take part , you guys give it a try as well , I'll pray you win :) . Fingers crossed . :D :D 

Enter her giveaway here >>

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