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This blog is about everything related to beauty and health and much more . It's based on my personal experiences . I have spent last few years of my life on internet , I mean I stand nowhere without Google , it has introduced me to alot of good, fun, interesting, and helpful things . I'm a beginner and I sure did learned alot , and when you look upto my blog , I want you all to feel the same , to have solve your problems .
Am not saying I know everything about beauty but yes I'll try to keep myself and my readers updated , I have alot of inspiration from great makeup gurus and they've helped me in alot of ways . 
In this blog you'll be watching me do Hauls , Reviews , DIYs , Tutorials , more makeup and storage ideas , and sometimes can be some totally random stuff , etc. , etc. . I usually be giving a step by step photo instructions , I'll always try and add link to the blogs , videos or photos from where I got any inspiration or any new idea . 

If you want me to review any product or a website , or if you want to sponsor a giveaway or contests , or you have any questions for me , or request or anything at all :D , write me at beautygossipsss@gmail.com , or you can contact me Here  

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