Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vega eye brush PB-14

A Recent Purchase
Sorry I'm going off the schedule but I recently purchased this amazing brush , and I thought I should let you guys know about it , do a little review on it so it'll be a great present for Christmas , although I haven't used it yet but I can still say it's a must have brush . 

Well Yeah it's my another Vega professional range brush , it's called eye brush PB-14 , I had seen this brush before on the websites but was not much attracted to it , but I recently gave it another thought and I was like , damn! this definitely can be a crease brush , so I ordered it from violetbag.com , and when it reached I was so amazed by it . 

The brush is PERFECT !! 

My take on the brush : It's a perfect crease brush , it is so tiny , super soft , perfectly round shape dense brush which would help pick up the right amount of product , and is stiff enough to apply on your crease , the best part is it's not at all scratchy which is a relief and is freaking CHEAP . 
It is not similar to the sigma pencil brush , that does a different job , but this is a crease brush more like a precision brush . 

Original Price - Rs. 325 
VB Price - Rs. 276 
I always like to buy Vega brushes from Violetbag , because they have all the brushes in stock , from normal range to sets ,  to professional range brushes , so I always find what I'm looking for , if you wanna buy the brush you can buy it here . 

What you can use it for ? 
You can obviously use it for creasing your eye shadow , it's perfect for creasing , contouring your nose , and yes you can even smudge your eyeliner with this super cute brush , it helps in softening any  harsh edges , this tiny tiny brush can also be used to apply highlights to your tear-duct area (the inner corner of your eyes) , you can do even more with this brush , so give it a go . 

As on the website : The soft , smooth hair of this brush are gathered into a round shape which precision shading on lid , in eye crease or along lash line . The brush is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye . 

Would I recommend ? 
Yes I surely would , because it does a perfect job for what it's worth , you will not regret it . 

PS- I'm not affiliated with violetbag.com or anything , it's just I would always suggest the best for you . 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Coollifeshop.com Review/Unboxing *UPDATED*

Finally! :D 
I don't exactly remember how did I find the website , but was a long time ago . And at that point of time I had been watching alot of contouring and highlighting videos , so obviously I had to buy a bronzer , more like a contour powder , well I hardly knew the difference between them at that point of time , well anyways , I had this huge thing for the NYC color mosaic face powder in all over bronze , and I mean I just had to have that , so it was there on coollifeshop , and I was like so freaking happy :D , so I placed an order with them , basically , yeah for the NYC mosaic face powder . 

As on the Website : Coollifeshop.com is a new online store that focuses on selling cosmetics , skin care , personal care , hair care , eye care , body care , baby care , dental care products , gift hampers and much more at most competitive prices. 

Well as of now they mainly have the cosmetics with them and a brand of denims , 
here's the list of brands they sell : 

  • New York Color (NYC) 
  • Jordana Cosmetics 
  • CQ Scherer 
  • Sally Hansen Natural Beauty 
  • Rimmel London 
  • Texas Jeans 

The Payment method they offer :
Credit/Debit Card
Cash on Delivery (On orders above Rs.1500, which sucks!)

Prices : Well according to me , prices are a bit high , because the brands they are selling are the International Drugstore brands which are mostly in the range of $ 2 - $ 10 , as we all know the jordana products are int the range of $1 , 2 , 3 , but on the website it's around Rs. 300 , Rs. 400 , something like that , so the price range on the website is higher , well that is due to the custom charges and all . 

Now my experience with them 
To be honest I'm not very much impressed with them , my 1st experience with them was really bad , I don't know if I would want to buy again from them or not . 
As the purpose of my order was the NYC mosaic powder , but the COD service was available on orders above Rs. 1000 (at the time I placed the order , but now the COD is available on orders above Rs.1500 ) , so i had to add a few items to my cart , well which wasn't too hard :P . 
Anyways , they had a navratri special 20% discount going on the whole website , the thing weird was that I summed up my order around Rs. 1000 , which must not be a problem but there was , which was that after 20% discount my total was around Rs. 800 or something , which they wouldn't accept for the COD services , I mean how sick is that ?? I was so pissed , they meant to say that COD is available only if you're discounted price is above Rs. 1000 , which was really annoying and which is what I hate about them , which meant I had to buy something to bring it up to a 1000 bucks , and I did , as given no other option . So 1st disappointment was this . 

Shipping and handling : They shipped my order from Speed post which was not that speedy ! I had placed the order on 4th oct. and I got it on 14th oct. , and I had made so many calls in between to check the order status , to which I din't got a satisfying response , I couldn't track my order , well that's another disappointment , well actually there are more to come . 

Packaging : You'll see for yourself , let's have some pictures 

I just liked my name written on it :P 

Two layers of bubble wrap 

Do you see that ?? NYC defective!!
DEFECTIVE PRODUCT!! Yes , it was . After all this what I get is a defective product ? 

Frustration , Uhhhh!! 
Now , can you say by looking at the photos that product was damaged in transit ? Leaving the other items and packaging all safe ? Totally not possible right ? That's what I said , but they were like "we check before sending out the product so it is not possible " , I still feel like the product was like this from the time of shipping . 
Anyways , they asked me to send it back to them so that they can replace it with a new one , I had send it back , but they had still not got the new one , after waiting for so long again , they received it and claimed that the product came damaged like this only , isn't it height ? Than finally they said they'll refund me the amount , but I had to do some bank formalities , which I wasn't able to go to the bank , so it's still not resolved . 

Would I purchase again ? 
Well , with my 1st experience with them , obviously not ! But actually they are the only source of the international drugstore kind of brands , which I can't buy anywhere else , so it depends , and they've said that they are gonna launch ELF this new year , yes ELF in India !! I don't know if it'll happen or not , or what the prices might be , or when will it be launched , but I'll keep you guys updated . :) 

I just had a call from them , and they said that NYC products are coming back in stock , and so is the all over mosaic powder , so he asked me if I'd like to receive that or the money , I was like def. the product :D , so let's see what happens . 
I forgot to update but I have it with me now , and you can read about it here , although I'm due for it's review and will soon let you guys no about it . 

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Me too on blog lovin :)

After reading Srish's post (Here) i made an account on Blog lovin too , as heard a few things about GFC been shut down , though I am still trying to find out how it works :D .

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