Friday, November 25, 2011

The Brush Guard Has Arrived!


OMG! Hi guys , I recently recieved my brush guard package this evening , and I was like so surprised and happy :D , I had no idea that what day it might be coming in , and than boom... all of a sudden it arrives :) , A few photos that probably shows my excitement to use them :D :) .

I got the Variety Pack which includes 6 brush guards . 

Will be doing a review on them , but i already know they are really great , i saw them on a review done by michelle phan .

PS - This product was given to me for review , although my opinions are going to be totally honest . :) :) 

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vega Make Up Professional Buffer Brush PB-11

                                                      Finally A Review Vega Buffer Brush PB-11 :D 

So , Vega brushes , are very much common in India , almost every Indian girl must have at least one Vega makeup brush , i have seen alot of reviews on Vega singles ( mostly on Angular brush , which is indeed great for lining eyes ) , or brush sets , i too have a few of them , although yea being cheap they are really harsh on skin ,but still . 

So i recently discovered that there was a Professional range of Vega brushes , but they were pretty expensive , and after having a bad experience with the normal range brushes , one had to go deep in it , but i found no reviews on professional ones , although i somehow believed that they won't be that bad , but taking chances for brushes which costs around Rs. 500 - 600 each  , i would consider getting some recommendations 1st . 

And as my recent haul is from Violet Bag is all about Vega professional brushes , i thought of doing a review on them . 

 Vega Make Up Professional Buffer Brush PB-11 

Isn't it Gorgeous ????  <3
MY First Reaction - I Like It? I just LOVE this brush alot!!! This is my very 1st stipple brush , i don't have much experience with good face brushes and especially the stippling brushes so this probably is my only experience so i might not sync with everyone . 
I haven't used any of the mac's , sigma's , or any other makeup brushes as my budget isn't that high (but i am definitely going to buy some sigma brushes at least am gonna get the flat top synthetic kabuki f80 , which is a must must have , as i have heard a lotssssss of good things about it ) , so i don't know about that and ya i don't like to compare anything with mac . 

This brush is extremely soft , like really really soft . This is a duo fibre brush , which is like really great for applying foundation , powder , blending in . It gives a very light weight coverage as the brush isn't that dense so it does not pick up too much amount of product , which is great for giving you a right amount of coverage , not at all cakey . 

As claimed on the website - A large, full circular brush used for light weight application and blending of face powder or pigments used to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.
I agree with that , it is indeed a great brush . I got this from violetbag you can see my shopping experience from vb Here .

Actual price of this buffer brush is Rs. 600 , and i got it from VB at Rs. 510 . The rates have been revised though .

It is just so soft that when i got it , for at least one week i used to touch it and swirl it on my face daily , just to feel its softness :D :D 
I would definitely suggest buying this brush , i won't compare to mac , but sigma has a duo fibre for $16 plus shipping charges to India would be atleast $5 , that would round up to somewhere near Rs.1000 or Rs.1050  , so i personally would first go for Rs. 510 as i am a newbie , i won't comment on the quality difference as i haven't use sigma brushes yet . 

A closer look
What I Don't like  - As i had used the brush for applying foundation , although it wasn't that dirty but still it is always recommended to wash the brushes before use which i didn't , so i thought now that i have used it 2 3 times i should wash them , but don't know why after washing it , the bristles / hairs have become frizzy , i mean it's like on our own hair, we have split ends and when they are frizzy , they get all curled up and weird , just something like that . Also the grip of the bristles of this brush was really thick and tight , but after i washed it , it has loosen up and also the thickness of the brush has reduced .

Disappointed in Vega - Vega din't do it's job perfectly , undone finishing , particular product's name and details are not mentioned on the packaging . 

Would i recommend buying ? - I am a little confused , it has loosen up a little but it still works fine for me. I still love this brush , and am using it till now and i have no complains , but ya i would still say try sigma or mac , if you can afford , but at this price it is not bad at all , see your preferences . 

OMG!!!!! Guys there's an amazing offer at sigma , they are having a free worldwide free shipping for just tomorrow , awwweeeesooommmmmeeeee............... :D :D , the offer is valid for one day (i.e. tomorrow) , starts 9:00 am to 5:00 pm US CST . M planning on getting the flat top synthetic kabuki f80 , fingers crossed X :) . Buy some here .

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am back!!! :D

I am FINALLY back yayyy !!!! I know it's been really really long , actually because of the festive season , with all the vacations , weddings , spending time with family , i couldn't really get time to blog , but although i had thoughts on what should i post next , did so many shopping , not too much , but still , took photos,,,, a few of the posts are already in my drafts , as i did started writing them , but couldn't complete them .

And yea most of all , i got a new camera , which is amazinnnngggg..... :D , and i took lots and lots of photos , of almost all the items i hauled , but just couldn't post them , as blogging needs time . 

Sneak Peak into my upcoming post :) 

So many posts are pending , my coollifeshop review , urbantouch 2nd 3rd ,,,,  :D , my flat iron (yes i got 1 finally :D ) , healthkart , makeupshades , my collective haul , and of course my vega professional range experience [which has recently been requested by my first comment-er :D , i am veryy happy , and i had some thoughts long ago that whoever will be the first one to comment on my blog , would receive a gift from me as a thanks ,  it won't be much but still :) , So 999rsp / Roopa , please contact me :) ] I am definitely going to start posting again as soon as i can 

And btw guys , there's a giveaway going on .

It's her 350 followers giveaway and an international one , she offers two prizes 1 is the mac stuff and other one is elf and ambika pillai's , the closing date is 30th November 2011 , do enter , i did too :) , here's the link to her giveaway , goodluck guys ........ :) 

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