Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am back!!! :D

I am FINALLY back yayyy !!!! I know it's been really really long , actually because of the festive season , with all the vacations , weddings , spending time with family , i couldn't really get time to blog , but although i had thoughts on what should i post next , did so many shopping , not too much , but still , took photos,,,, a few of the posts are already in my drafts , as i did started writing them , but couldn't complete them .

And yea most of all , i got a new camera , which is amazinnnngggg..... :D , and i took lots and lots of photos , of almost all the items i hauled , but just couldn't post them , as blogging needs time . 

Sneak Peak into my upcoming post :) 

So many posts are pending , my coollifeshop review , urbantouch 2nd 3rd ,,,,  :D , my flat iron (yes i got 1 finally :D ) , healthkart , makeupshades , my collective haul , and of course my vega professional range experience [which has recently been requested by my first comment-er :D , i am veryy happy , and i had some thoughts long ago that whoever will be the first one to comment on my blog , would receive a gift from me as a thanks ,  it won't be much but still :) , So 999rsp / Roopa , please contact me :) ] I am definitely going to start posting again as soon as i can 

And btw guys , there's a giveaway going on .

It's her 350 followers giveaway and an international one , she offers two prizes 1 is the mac stuff and other one is elf and ambika pillai's , the closing date is 30th November 2011 , do enter , i did too :) , here's the link to her giveaway , goodluck guys ........ :) 

                                                                      x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D

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