Sunday, October 16, 2011

8 Year Old Amazing Singer Sophia Grace Brownlee :D

                                         OMG !!! Sophia and Rosie singing Nikki Minaj's 'Super Bass'

Ok so the new SUPERSTARS . I am just so psyched after watching their videos :D , Sophia is amazing ........ :)


Awww... she is just so adorable , She and her cousin Rosie , who supports her , dances with her , i love her expressions :D , just so cute both of them are . Muaahh Muaahhh....  :* :* 
This little kid is just so super cute i tell you . 

She get to meet Nikki Minaj on the ellen degeneres show , i mean how great is that ? 

OMG  I've seen her video of the ellen show , man! She rocked the stage :) . And she is just so pumped up through out the time , so cool , full of energy , so naughty :D , crazy , just so much fun to watch , It's like watching her made me crazy too .... :D 

You can watch it here

And on top of all that , she is a DAMN GOOD SINGER !!!!! Really i mean . 
I've never seen an 8 year old rap a song that beautiful with that much confidence . She RAPS ! Hats off to you doll <3 .

You gotta watch her . Here's the link to her channel >> Sophia Grace Brownlee 
Just SO Adorable she is . :)

And Nikki send them on Shopping spree and see how crazy they are about that... I don't doubt it , i'd do the same if i got a chance :D ..

I am in love with these two darlings ...... :) 
PS- I do not own any of the videos in this post . 

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Monday, October 10, 2011 Review/Unboxing

                                            My Violetbag package arrived in a Day <3

Ok so how did i end up with violet bag , i don't really remember exactly but i guess i was looking for online stores for make-up and stuff , and i found that, just a few days back. And the first thing i liked about them was they had vega professional brushes in stock , i mean all of them .

So before i start unboxing , i would like to talk about , 

1st I was interested in being their affiliate partners but they din't have anything goin on , so they asked me to do a review on and offered me to shop for Rs. 1000 for free , and i was so so happy, and it pumped me up to buy , but yea its not gonna effect my review , no matter what but whichever review i have done are my honest opinion and i'll continue to do that .

2nd Their customer services are awesome , really really good. I mean i really din't expexted it , i got pretty nice response from their side regarding everything , including the delivery >>  it was friday afternoon when i placed my order , and it generally takes from 3-5 business days , but i had a party to attend on sunday , so i requested them to if they could send me the stuff by Saturday , and guess what? They were so sweet to send by the next day , and i got it by Saturday evening . Was so so happy. 

3rd They don't provide any site wide discounts but their products are already discounted , and in comparison to, ,etc etc, their prices are the lowest . So i would prefer buying from violet bag . :)

4th They have a wide range of fragrances , cosmetics , skin care products , hair care products and personal care accessories . Although they don't have much variety in cosmetics brand , but they do have a great product range , i mean whatever brands they have , they've got every product available in stock . 
Their collection of fragrances are the best , they have all the high end perfumes from D&G to Hugo Boss to Paris Hilton , Tommy Hilfiger , Calvin Klein and so many more .  

5th They offer Free Shipping on all orders above Rs.250 , which is not that bad at all , and if you order is below Rs. 250 you just have to pay Rs. 50 shipping charges , otherwise not .

Ok So lets Start UNBOXING , yayyyy... :D

BTW , I had no problem in tracking : )

The package was nicely delivered , no damage , nothing broken inside/outside .I was just too excited to unbox it , as it arrived so soon and i could use the brushes for the party , it was free :D , although my order was a lil more than Rs. 1000 , and i paid just that only (i.e.Rs.199) , and lastly , i was taking photos side by side for my blog :) . 

Cute VIOLET box :D
 Although the box was  just a lil damaged but , nothing to be worried about . 

CUTE Right ? :D 
Those cute lil Styrofoam cubes , there are lots of them :P . Anyways the brushes were altogether bubble wrapped  , and was safely tucked in these tiny Styrofoam cubes <3 . 

Nicely Wrapped

OMG! I love the Buffer/Stipple Brush :D :D
 So that's all what i bought from VB ,

Vega Make Up Professional Eye Brush PB-15 (Click Here)
Vega Tweezer Square Tip TW-01 (Click Here)
Vega Make Up Professional Powder Brush PB-09 (Click Here)
Vega Make Up Professional Buffer Brush PB-11 (Click Here)

Vega Tweezers , Vega Eye Brush(Blending brush) , Vega Powder Brush , Vega Buffer Brush
 My order summed up to Rs.1199 , and as my complementary discount for Rs.1000 , So i had to pay just Rs. 199 . :)

Sorry a lil blurred it is
Although i just regret one thing , i later on discovered that VB also had Hair Styling Tools , and i could have bought the Philips hair straightener , which I've been planning to buy for so long , Anyways i guess i'll buy it later on . 
Other than that no complaints , my experience with VB was Great :) . Hope I help you out , go check out the website Here 

Review on Vega Professional Make-up Brushes >> Coming Soon >>
PS- Was given a discount coupon , which doesn't affect my opinion . 

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Urbantouch Haul 1 Continued

An Overview of the products i bought from

So the very 1st item i ordered was the Vega Fan Brush 
Original price: Rs.70
UT (Urbantouch) price: Rs.60

Umm , i kinda had all kinds of makeup brushes (despite the fact their qaulity wasn't that good though) , except fan brush , foundation brush , blending brush , kabuki brush , and a stipple brush . So i wanted to get all of them , although i don't much use fan brush , still i wanted to buy.

Umm , it is a synthetic bristle brush ,which is great for the job it does . You can use this brush for wiping off fall outs , highlighting , contouring , applying powder and much more . 
I only have one problem with Vega , as i have bought a few more makeup brushes that too the professional ones , the thing is that if they are costing so much for these brushes , atleast they need to work on their products first , they need proper finishing , as this fan brush is also a little out of shape , and the professional brushes too had a few defects in manufacturing , which i think they should fix.
Review for Vega Professional makeup brushes coming soon . :) 

Next was the Elle18 Lip Smoothie 
Original price: Rs.85
UT price: Rs.85

I got it in Melon Flame , which is a coral-y red color , and the best part is it doesn't have any glitters, sparkles or anything , it just gives a decent and nice color and shine to your lips , which is what i wanted , so i am pretty much satisfied with it .

My history with lipglosses : i have mostly pink or nude or golden shades Plus glitter and shimmer in them , i have been wanting to have a few that just works as a sheen to your lips nothing more. 

I guess a few of these lip glosses do have glitter in them , i don't remember which one does , as there are 5 more shades in it . And i plan to buy the Vanilla Heat next , as its a non-glitter nude shade .

And yes they are so tiny cute <3 :D , But in 85 bucks what more you expect .
 And yea HOW CAN I FORGET ? It has a weird but nice :D MINTY effect , i mean when you put it on , your lips feel so refreshing , and 1st time I thought there's some manufacturing defect , but no its perfect and minty <3 .

My Worst Purchase Ever , Yes you guessed it right  >> 
Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer
Original price: Rs.450
UT price: Rs.425

Ok so where do i even begin ? :D . Umm , i saw this product's review/swatch long long time ago , and i hated it since then , i would have never considered buying it (because of the chunky glitters, of'course) , but then i saw it on , and by that time i had forgotten 'how that product exactly looked like and i hated it' , but on the website it look pretty decent , i thought that's all i can buy , a little glitter won't hurt me , and i wanted to buy a bronzer badly but also being in my budget . 

But when the package arrived , and i unboxed the lakme bronzer , uhh i was like damn , waste of money! Than i had a flashback of those swatches , and i remembered everything :D ;) .

Uhhh.... SO Shimmerry that it HURTS my eye  :P
Ok so now that its a waste , and i am not gonna use it as a bronzer , there can be a few other ways you can use it as , 1- can be used as a body glow/bronzer and by glow i mean GLLOOWWWW!!! :D
, damn it i can't even afford that much glow :D , 2- can be used instead of lose pigments , or shimmery eyeshadow , 3- highlighting (if you really want to glow aLOT!) .


It is so shimmery that you can hardly distinguish between the 3 different shades in it , Right?

But yea the price does complements the size and the quality , and the shimmer :D because it is pretty huge . It is the size of the palm of my hand.
Although , after reading cynthia's post here , I also removed all the glitter from it with a stippling brush , you can use any brush as a matter of fact , and it really works , now you can actually use it as a bronzer as well , it still contains glitters but much wearable . 
What I did was took a piece of paper , placed it onto a table/flat surface , than scrape off all the glitter from the product with a brush , so that the glitter falls right on the paper and doesn't make much a mess plus you can collect all that extra glitter and store it in a little container , and use it later as a loose shimmer eye shadow , cheap trick! :) :) 

Than i got Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow
Original price: Rs. 240
UT price: Rs. 240

Evrybody knows about maybelline eyeshadows , they are pretty great deal , as they are cheap , have a good quality , have a huge range of color selection , very handy , really pigmented , have pretty nice and sleek packaging , maybelline is a great brand , and i would always always prefer buying it .

Well i bought  mine in Sapphire Ice 34 , as i wanted a dark blue eyeshadow ,although i wanted to buy a matte blue but it does have a little glitter to it which i am ok with . 

All in all i love this lil quad , so far no regrets , and won't be . :)

Now the most awaited product and the purpose of my UT Haul :D
NYX Trio EyeShadow - White/Gray/Black TS01
Original price: Rs. 650
UT price: Rs. 520

How beautiful it looks <3
There were so many shades , which i love about NYX , but it was for 520 bucks i had to go slow on it , so i bought the one in White/Gray/Black , as i wanted to have a black matte color , and next i'm gonna go for some Browns , which are best for neutral shades and there are so many browns and neutrals in it . 

This is my first trio ever , and i just love it alot , it has all the three colors which i would need mostly all the time . They are the classic white , gray and black  . 
And the packaging is pretty elegant , i mean it does not looks cheap , at all . I would really want to stock up almost all the different shades . 

This was the product i was so excited for , but when i saw that it had all the scratches on the mirror and on the back too , i was a bit sad , it looked like really old , that's the only thing i am disappointed about with UT. 

And Lastly , 
Maybelline WhiteStay UV Fairness Compact Powder
Original price: Rs. 150
UT price: Rs. 150

I got it in Fawn , which i think is perfect for me , i don't know i am confused , coz when i got it i wanted to try it on so how it looked on me , and i just applied the compact on my face , with nothing underneath , and it totally matched my skin-tone .

But later on i had to go to a party and i was getting ready , and i applied my foundation which is pretty lighter than the Fawn , so i kinda used Fawn as a bronzer , i took some of it on the fluffy brush and a little bit of the darkest brown eye shadow from a random palette and used it for contouring , so I am a bit confused , will have to give it another try . 

Umm , about the packaging , i don't personally like it , i love the blacks not the whites , it looks kinda ugly to me , but it is pretty huge , and is great for the price offered .

The texture is so soft , i was like really touching it again and again :D , and the powder puff is decently soft . 

Overall , i like this compact and specially in FAWN , i was first gonna buy that in White Ivory , but i read a few reviews and also i had a doubt on it as it might look so cakey and whitey so i din't go for that .

PS : I have used almost all of the items above , so this not exactly how it came in like ..

Violet Bag Review coming up next :)

                                                           x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 Review/Haul 1

My Very First Online Shopping Haul
Ok so , urbantouch , i browsed through it for like weeks , i mean what i do basically is search for good online stores for cosmetics, accessories and more randomn stuff, so whichever site i come to , i explore it overall , see what i wanna buy from it , than i add it to my shopping cart , i sign up for it , so i don't lose all the items from the cart. Than i compare the price range , quality , etc, by looking up for reviews and unboxing . 
Urbantouch was the very 1st online store i bought something from . And yea i am really late to do this review as i guess its almost a month i had this stuff with me.
As it was my 1st time buy online , i was pretty scared , like how the packaging would be  and will the items be safe? Or broken? And i had not seen any of it's reviews but i just wanted to buy some stuff even if they were broken :P . Well mostly i was excited for the NYX eyeshadow (2 reasons: 1st coz i wanted to get my hands on NYX products and 2nd i wanted a MATTE BLACK eyeshadow, i din't had any :( ) and the Maybelline whitestay compact powder (which i had heard great reviews about) .

But when i placed my 1st order from them , they shipped me in 2 days and i really was very much impressed , and they also confirmed me before sending the package, i was really happy . Although was a little worried about the usual & ugly brown box package , which was obvious to think , but when it arrived i was just looking at the package , i was like that's it ? Wow! It is so nice , elegant :D 

It was a rectangular 'black matte box' , properly covered with a plastic sheet with my invoice tucked in it. The box is pretty chic! You can also upcycle it for storage purpose for make-up or maybe jewelery . So i am really happy with their product range , shipping and handling , packaging <3 :D , and i placed one more order , well more on that later . :) 

So let's Begin,, And yea it is not an UNBOXING , its just a haul , and an overview of the products i bought , so the products might have been used and the way it arrived was different.

Nice right? :D

All the stuff i got :) plus free samples !

Inside the box , everything was nicely and seperately bubble wrapped , and was comforted with some styrofoam sheets , in a way so that nothing is broken during the shippment, And none was , every item was perfectly fine and wasn't Damaged or Broken . 

And yea in every package they add one or more Samples depending on your order. Mostly they are VLCC sunscreen lotion for men & women , etc, etc, I got 4 samples with this package .

About the rates , the product range is pretty good , they don't really have all the high ends products , but have so many brands from lakme , to maybelline , Loreal , to NYX , olay , etc , etc . And their charges are low comparitive to the other sites like , , and more but yea there's one whose prices are even lesser but they don't have that much products in the beauty section. Anyways i have a review pending on violetbag too , that'll be up after my 2nd urbantouch haul . :) 

Also i was stupid enough not to ask them about the discount coupon code , which i asked later on , and got some further discount on my next order . So do ask them for coupon codes before you place an order , not like me :D .
Right now they are having a promotional offer of free assured gifts on a minimum purchase of Rs.500 , and yea i guess it depends on your order .

They have a Free Shipping policy , without any purchase limit . And they do have a return policy i.e. if there is some problem , you can return your order within 14 days of the date of receipt . And it will be processed in 7 days in total . If you're having a problem with it , talk to the customer representatives , they'll help you out . 

For an overview of the products visit >>>> my nExt post :D <<<<

PS: I bought all this stuff on my own , i wasn't paid or anything , it is my personal experience and an honest opinion. :)

                                                                   x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D