Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Urbantouch.com Review/Haul 1

My Very First Online Shopping Haul
Ok so , urbantouch , i browsed through it for like weeks , i mean what i do basically is search for good online stores for cosmetics, accessories and more randomn stuff, so whichever site i come to , i explore it overall , see what i wanna buy from it , than i add it to my shopping cart , i sign up for it , so i don't lose all the items from the cart. Than i compare the price range , quality , etc, by looking up for reviews and unboxing . 
Urbantouch was the very 1st online store i bought something from . And yea i am really late to do this review as i guess its almost a month i had this stuff with me.
As it was my 1st time buy online , i was pretty scared , like how the packaging would be  and will the items be safe? Or broken? And i had not seen any of it's reviews but i just wanted to buy some stuff even if they were broken :P . Well mostly i was excited for the NYX eyeshadow (2 reasons: 1st coz i wanted to get my hands on NYX products and 2nd i wanted a MATTE BLACK eyeshadow, i din't had any :( ) and the Maybelline whitestay compact powder (which i had heard great reviews about) .

But when i placed my 1st order from them , they shipped me in 2 days and i really was very much impressed , and they also confirmed me before sending the package, i was really happy . Although was a little worried about the usual & ugly brown box package , which was obvious to think , but when it arrived i was just looking at the package , i was like that's it ? Wow! It is so nice , elegant :D 

It was a rectangular 'black matte box' , properly covered with a plastic sheet with my invoice tucked in it. The box is pretty chic! You can also upcycle it for storage purpose for make-up or maybe jewelery . So i am really happy with their product range , shipping and handling , packaging <3 :D , and i placed one more order , well more on that later . :) 

So let's Begin,, And yea it is not an UNBOXING , its just a haul , and an overview of the products i bought , so the products might have been used and the way it arrived was different.

Nice right? :D

All the stuff i got :) plus free samples !

Inside the box , everything was nicely and seperately bubble wrapped , and was comforted with some styrofoam sheets , in a way so that nothing is broken during the shippment, And none was , every item was perfectly fine and wasn't Damaged or Broken . 

And yea in every package they add one or more Samples depending on your order. Mostly they are VLCC sunscreen lotion for men & women , etc, etc, I got 4 samples with this package .

About the rates , the product range is pretty good , they don't really have all the high ends products , but have so many brands from lakme , to maybelline , Loreal , to NYX , olay , etc , etc . And their charges are low comparitive to the other sites like cosmetix.in , shopperstop.com , and more but yea there's one voioletbag.com whose prices are even lesser but they don't have that much products in the beauty section. Anyways i have a review pending on violetbag too , that'll be up after my 2nd urbantouch haul . :) 

Also i was stupid enough not to ask them about the discount coupon code , which i asked later on , and got some further discount on my next order . So do ask them for coupon codes before you place an order , not like me :D .
Right now they are having a promotional offer of free assured gifts on a minimum purchase of Rs.500 , and yea i guess it depends on your order .

They have a Free Shipping policy , without any purchase limit . And they do have a return policy i.e. if there is some problem , you can return your order within 14 days of the date of receipt . And it will be processed in 7 days in total . If you're having a problem with it , talk to the customer representatives , they'll help you out . 

For an overview of the products visit >>>> my nExt post :D <<<<

PS: I bought all this stuff on my own , i wasn't paid or anything , it is my personal experience and an honest opinion. :)

                                                                   x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D

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