Saturday, September 24, 2011

My veRy First blog :)

Hey guys!

So this is my very 1st blog, and to be very honest i don't really know what to talk about? I just don't know how the 1st blogs are to be like :) . So i would just talk about myself , so that you have an idea what kinda stuff i like and an overview of what m gonna do . 

So , to begin with i am not really 21 :D ,i will be in jan , so i just like sayng dat i am 21 :P , hope its ok . I was planning to do my 1st post on a review/haul by but sadly i don't have a good camera and dont know why but my web cam is acting weird lately so won't be able to take pictures from it , i tried filming on it , but that din't work out either. Videos are NOt my thing :P , atlst not fr now. Well actually i do plan on making videos in future and some EOTDs & FOTDs maybe, but 1st i wanna get in touch with you guys , interact a bit more , let you know me .

WEll i havn't been like this crazy for makeup before, i had no clue what an eyeshadow is :D , or a concealer / primer and stuff,,i just knew d thing we put on our cheeks is probably called rose :D , thats wht i knew about makeup, and the only 2 things i used to apply were kajal and lip balm or lip gloss (mostly lip balm) and if i had to go to a party or something i would just top it off with a liquid liner , thats all :D.

 Actually the thing for lip balms began when i saw my di (cousin sister) puting it on and i was like wow! what's dis your putting on your lips , coz i had seen lipsticks/liners but nothing like a lip balm :D ,and then she let me try that and i felt so gorgeous :D and it was so YUMMY!! . 

This was the 1st lip product i ever bought :D
N yes i bought it in strawberry flavour

But nowadays i am collecting lots and lots of makeup although i don't have much now but i do have in mind what i want now. 

Things have changed alot. I now have alot of ideas to discuss about , it all started after my schooling , i have been on internet more than ever after that, either its fb, some gaming, or youtube-ing (well mostly youtubing). IF it weren't for youtube i wouldn't have been blogging , there are so many youtube gurus who have inspired me alot in doing makeup , hairs ,looks ,and alot of other things. 
I have a HUGE youtube subscription list that includes all the gurus of youtube like kandeejohnson,michelle phan,  pursebuzz, dulcecandy, bubzbeauty, yayalifestyle, giannyl, itsblitzzz, lilith moon, and they are increasing day by day, do check them out! 

I din't thought that i would go so far with all this ,i never thought that i would blog ever! :D

And yea about urbantouch i am going to do a review on the stuff i got and about the site as soon as i can.And i am looking forward in buying a few items from,,sigma,coastal scents,bh cosmetics, so i'll be doing alot of haul posts soon in future. Check out this great deal at ,hopefully my next purchase. :)

Its my dad's birthday today , so just for him - i am really happy to have you in my life , since i was little you have been there for me all the times , got me everything i asked for, and also the things i din't ask for . U always made me happy  , also all the times when you bring me chocolate while mom scolds me for eating it. <3 u dad! A very happy birthday to u .

Hope you guys like it and would checkout my future posts. Do comment . :)

PS- I do not own any of the photos in this post . 

                                                               x.o.x.o. beauty gossips :D

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