Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog News :D

Have you checked out the amazing giveaway going on @StyleFashionEtc ?? It's sponsored by kiehl's (a skincare brand) and guess what there gonna be 21 winners , haha so cool!!!! 
I know about kiehl's through Srish's blog itself , and I am in love with it by just looking at it :D. Well , I'm gonna take part , you guys give it a try as well , I'll pray you win :) . Fingers crossed . :D :D 

Enter her giveaway here >>

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Thursday, March 08, 2012 Review

                                                                   My Experience With Healthkart

Hi guys, a very Happy , colorful and a safe holi to you :) :) . After that I guess you need alot of skin care products :P so I'm back with a website review on Healthkart . 

About Website- It ranges from health care items to beauty to skin care to gym accessories , proteins , supplements and stuff , health accessories , baby care , eye care , health bars and what not . The name totally complements the site healthkart , as it has everything you need to buy . And what I like most about them is that most new product range launches on there website 1st like lakme absolute , revlon , with a great promotional offer . 

Discount- You get a 10% discount on the first purchase you make , with a minimum value of Rs.500 in total . And here's my referral code if you want a Rs.100 coupon "AAKRITIBHA1P225" . :) 

Shipped the same day- I called them at the evening to request to ship it the same day, so I could get it the next day :P , it was a few minutes past seven and as they only take the requests by 7 , I requested them and the gentlemen I talked to was nice enough to ship it the same day , and I had my order with me the next day :D , although the courier company did pissed me off a little , but at the end it was with me :) . You guys might think that what is with her , she always has issues with the shipping and handling , always request for early delivery , but believe me I don't know why but whenever I think of placing an order , something is always coming up soon that I have to use that product and for that I ask for immediate shipping :P . And although it kind of helps me better with the decision of what I like about them and what I don't , because that'll show how they actually handle their customers , and situations like that , so it helps me with the review :D . So I ordered it on 8/11/11 and got it on 9/11/11 :) . 

Packaging- The product was nicely bubble wrapped in a box , although there were no extra Styrofoam/thermocol cubes in the box (like in vb :D ), but with the bubble wrap you need not worry about anything . 

What I ordered- I had been longing for a heat protectant , so the best I could get was the Tony & Guy Iron-it Heat Defence Spray . I got it for Rs.547 after 10% discount . 

Product's Condition- There was a lil dent on the metal body (checkout the photo below you'll see :D ) , and due to which the cap didn't really fit exactly , I mean it does but it's loose , and I usually hold it from the top and the due to the loose cap it falls off , same has happened like 4-5 times already , *touch wood* it's not broken or anything , got a few bends , and dents now :P , well now I'm much more careful :D .

About Product- Well , it's the first time I'm using a heat protector , well I really don't know if that makes a difference , honestly , I'm new at it . Well I just spray a lil on my hair and mostly on the ends , than taking a paddle brush I brush my hair , which helps distribute the product in my hair evenly , than I use the heating tools . Although it has kind of  a weird scent , at first I couldn't breathe in at all , but it's not that bad though :P , I'm ok with it now . Is a lil on the expensive side , so I don't know if I would wanna purchase it again but the product size is 200ml , which is I guess fine . 
Well a new range Sunsilk Keratinology has launched , which includes a heat protector , I'm gonna try that too , and compare these two .

PS- Sorry for those few bad quality photos , I didn't have my camera back when I unboxed it . 

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