Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog News :D

Have you checked out the amazing giveaway going on @StyleFashionEtc ?? It's sponsored by kiehl's (a skincare brand) and guess what there gonna be 21 winners , haha so cool!!!! 
I know about kiehl's through Srish's blog itself , and I am in love with it by just looking at it :D. Well , I'm gonna take part , you guys give it a try as well , I'll pray you win :) . Fingers crossed . :D :D 

Enter her giveaway here >>

                                                                       x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D


  1. hey......have an award for you in my blog...

    1. Hey , thank you so much , it really means alot !! Thanku thanku thanku :)