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  1. Hi Aakriti,

    i just happened to google for the review of the Vega Professional Makeup brushes, and stumbled on your blog and ur post on Violet Bag. Loved ur review of the Haul from VB and am waiting for more.
    I love stippling brushes and was looking for a cheap and good option. Could you do a review on the Vega Professional Buffer Brush.

    love and tc.....

  2. Yess, sure . I definitely will . Am sorry been a bit busy last few days , but i am back , and will post a review on vega buffer brush soon :) .
    PS- your my very first comment-er :) , so i planned long ago that i'd gift something to the very first person who comments on my blog as a thanks :). So please email me ur details.....

  3. Hi.. Can you also write a review on Audrey's Make Up Brushes?? They are available across various e-commerce sites like snapdeal, goodlife, medplusbeauty etc.