Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aloha People ;)

The NYX Body Bronzer in Daydream of Oahu <3 

I always have a story behind almost every purchase I make , I don't know why but there is :P . So the story behind this purchase is that I have always been searching for a prefect bronzer for contouring (sounds wrong, right ? as they both are diff.) , still searching :P , so I thought of buying the usual nyx bronzer , but I had doubts that it would be more ORANGEY! , and also less pigmented ? , so I dropped it out of mind , then I came across with the body bronzers , I know I'm dumb enough to buy the body bronzer instead when I am looking for the face one :P . Well anyways I knew it would be weird to do so , but I thought let's atleast try maybe it is exactly what I'm looking for . As I saw the photos and all . But obviously it wasn't what I was looking for , but it doesn't mean I hate it , no I DON'T ! You'll see . 
I actually delayed this post so much , coz I wanted it to be perfect , and I guess I'm happy with it now . 

WARNING !! This post's gonna be overflowing with the photossss because I'm in love with this baby , really !! So let's start with it already . 

It was really confusing to capture the exact thing , well ! you'll see for yourself why , so I took pics in natural light (sunlight) and artificial light to give you guys a better idea , and probably I'm gonna do that alot in my future posts . :) 

In natural light 

As you can see in the photos , the colour of the product differs , like when I picked up the product on my finger it is more of gold , but when I swatched it on my hand it is more like copper , and when blended it is a perfect mixture of both , which is actually perfect for a sun-kissed look . (I would recommend clicking on the image to have a better view) 

In artificial light 

This is how it looks inside . 


Actually packaging is a thing about it which I super super love . That whole HAWAIAN look of it is just freaking pretty :) . As you can see in the pictures below , it is pretty fat :D , yeah! Overall , I love it , it's in solid plastic , like the colour . 

HOW TO USE : Now for the part how to apply , I've not really done a look for this , but still I would recommend using it with a kabuki (body kabuki would be best,but the face one works great too) , or a fluffy powder brush , I would use the qvs powder brush I have , although the bronzer comes with a sponge which is indeed super soft , you can use it too , but I prefer a brush over that . 

What I like about it : Really ? :D Well, I LOVE the PACKAGING !!! Yes! It is so cute <3 :) , the BEST part about it is it's texture , I have not seen,felt,touched anything like that before it is very VELVETY implying SUPER SOFT , also it kinda changes color like a chameleon :P , well not really changes but you can judge from the pics itself . 
So that's my take on the nyx bronzer , I toh love it <3 <3 <3 :) . 

So this was today's first post (I thought after being out of blogosphere for so long I better get back with alot of stuff , so I thought to post atleast 5 posts in a day , although I have more than 5 lined up ,well lets see how many can I upload today and btw I still have to do all the editing :D) 

PS - I went to the amazing Jafra Pampering Party , had alot of fun , met other bloggers , well yeah that is also lined up for my 1 Day 5 posts series :D . 

                                                                          x.o.x.o Beauty Gossips :D 

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