Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jafra Pamper Party :)

Okay! So I went to an event last weekend, a full-on pampering session , and I'm probably the last one to blog about it . 
It was my first time out with the other bloggers , I got to meet Srish , Komal , Japna , Bhawna , Shaily , Megha and Akshita , well actually Akshita co-hosted the event for jafra , so she invited me . And after turning down the healthkart-Divo event , I had to go for this 1 . Well I managed to reach there on time , and I must say it was pretty nice , I liked the ambience of the whole office / confrence room , everyone there was very sweet and friendly . 

Sorry that's all the pics I could take , I wish I had taken a few more 
Jafra is a US based brand and they've already launched their brand in India last year at the Kingdom of Dreams in partnership with Ruchi . So they organised a pamper party for us bloggers , c'mon who doesn't wants to be pampered ? Right ?Right ? 
Ok so , of'course I get to meet everyone , and I was a lil nervous and new there , as it was my first event , and I was asking Akshita can we take pics now ? , and some more random stuff :P . 
Then people from Jafra team started with the introduction and the history of jafra , which is indeed named after Jan and Frank , and told us how they came up with the whole transforming life concept with the main ingredient being Herbals :) , also I'm so tempted for their Royal jelly products , which we didn't get to try but they said it was the best selling product of their collection , actually it was the start of everything . 

Now on to Pampering Ourselves , we were given cleansers and toners to freshen up and clean our faces , than moved on with the makeup , it's always fun to apply make-up , and the fun doubles up when you do it with your girlfriends . Well , Komal was picked up by almost all of us to volunteer (including me :P) , so she got the makeover done by their cosmetician , which I personally liked alot , she was really sweet <3 , and in her words "makeup is like painting , so for even painting we need a clean canvas" :) . 
They gave us the magic towels (facial wipes) , they were in cute mini cylindrical shape , it looked like mint or something but not at all wet towels , and when you  put them in a bowl filled with water they take the shape of a wet tissue , it was crazy to watch :P . here's a pic of it . 

The Table overflowing with makeup brushes , lippies,and alot of stuff 
Free Samples for us (Review coming up soon)
I got two of these :P 
We all went home with a hell lot of goodies and of'course the-most-talked-about perfume Gardenia , which is really incredible , and I almost tried everything but one thing is for sure I LOVED the makeup BRUSHES , actually not just me but everyone , super soft <3 . 
Signing off with Nidhi and Bhawna (n yeah it's me in white :P) 
Well to bulk it all up , I had a great time , meeting people , having fun , trying out makeup , super fun actually ! :) 
Look what just happened , this is my second post of the day , where I was about to do five in a day :| , screw you BSNL!! :| . PS - Still trying (editing,writing,posting) :D . 

                                                                     x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D 


  1. Aww seems you had a gala time.Just like Puja said "LUCKY YOU"

    Will be waiting eagerly for "whats in the bag" post if you doing any ;)

    1. Yes I did indeed :) , and by 'what's in the bag' you mean the jafra goodie bags? :D , well the photo above shows all the products I got , and yep I'm gonna do a detailed post on it :)

  2. wait wait this the event I said No to?

    ohhh man...i want those pamper goodies ......

    1. hehe ,, aww you really missed alot good :/ , well nvm there must be something coming up soon , I hope :D .

  3. Hey btw are you all from Delhi,Ncr area ? Coz then at the next event we can probably all catch up :) .

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