Thursday, April 26, 2012

Colorbar velvet matte lipstick

How did I actually ended up with Colorbar velvet matte lipies , well the name says it all . I wanted a matte lipstick (not just 1 though) ,
I was mostly looking for a nude one , so I went for bare , it was pretty much the shade I wanted and although it's got a bit of orange in it . 

Now let's get into the details , 
Packaging : I like the packaging , it's pretty nice for the price paid , I like how the cap is in plastic and the rest of the body in chrome (I hate the ones in gold accents , I don't know but they are so bright gold) , and the one thing I like most about it is how at the end of it you can see the actual colour of the lipstick so you don't have to search through the clutter of your lipsticks to find the right colour . 

Texture : Like most matte lipsticks it is not the one that gets any chalky , or dry after applying , it is indeed very moisturising , it really has that velvety soft texture , although not as velvety as the nyx bronzer read here :D . 

Is it really matte ? : Well at first when I swatched/and applied it I didn't find it that matte as it does have a satin finish , even if I apply it now it is the same , but there's a trick to use it , wanna know what ? Just simply apply it and blot it on a dry tissue so you get all the excess out , it than gives you a super matte finish because it stains yes ! :D And also with that trick it does not bleed , as with red lipsticks all I worry about is what if it smudges, or bleeds, or gets on my clothes , ughh... But with this trick there's nothing left to be smudged :) . 

Staying power : I haven't tried yet but if you do the trick than it probably would last long , because the best part of colorbar velvet matte lipsticks is that they leave stain , it can be good and bad , good because it would give more natural , and matte look , also it will last longer and bad because it's hard to remove :/ , well I can live with that . 

Smell ? : All of them smells candy like , don't know what exactly but sweet . 

Pigmentation : As stated earlier it STAINS your lips ! ahann, it is indeed very pigmented , there's no doubt in that . 

Colour selection : Yeah there's a hugeeeee range of colours in the velvet matte lippies , there would be atleast 20 - 25 colors , and I heard they launched a few more checkout here . 
Although I got 3 of those - Bare , Demure , Hot Hot Hot , and love all three of them . 

PS : Swatches coming up next :)

                                                                 x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D 


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  2. Hey hii :) , thanku so so much :) , following u too :) . Omg I got awarded twice :D wow!

  3. Ahh I love this makeup haul/post/review! :D

    1. Thank you thank you :) :) , Aren't these babies yummy ? :D

  4. Beautiful... I love the pics... Your new follower :)

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