Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flipkart finally got make up Yayyyyyyy.....

OMG OMG !! Did you see???
I can't believe flipkart has the health and beauty section OMGGGGGGG!!!!!
I don't know how long have I waited for that , yayyyyyyyyy.....
A #Shoutout to flipkart <3 <3 <3 ,,, I don't know why I'm so psyched about it but I am :D , actually have been waiting for them to launch beauty section , but had lost hopes as I thought they would never , and just now I went through their website , was looking for a curling iron , and boom there it was health and beauty section, Oh I love them even more now , I don't have words....... :)
OMG they have from awesome NYX, to affordable maybelline to some random clear fake nails, and alot more to come . Oooooohhhh I so wanna but alot, uhhh, well I need a job now ;) :D .
Checkout for yourself , and I'm not been paid to say all this , just too excited to share it with you all :) .
Okay have a good day .

                                                                      x.o.x.o. BeautyGossips :D 


  1. All the NYX stuff is "coming soon" so far.. *waits* But yeah, I guess this is great news. :) Now shop for literally everything you need! :D

  2. Flipkart is one of my favorite online stores in India! It is really very user friendly too!

    Soumya Jadhav-Korade

  3. Ordered my phone from flipkart,really nice offers,but got my order after 14 days :(

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