Monday, October 10, 2011 Review/Unboxing

                                            My Violetbag package arrived in a Day <3

Ok so how did i end up with violet bag , i don't really remember exactly but i guess i was looking for online stores for make-up and stuff , and i found that, just a few days back. And the first thing i liked about them was they had vega professional brushes in stock , i mean all of them .

So before i start unboxing , i would like to talk about , 

1st I was interested in being their affiliate partners but they din't have anything goin on , so they asked me to do a review on and offered me to shop for Rs. 1000 for free , and i was so so happy, and it pumped me up to buy , but yea its not gonna effect my review , no matter what but whichever review i have done are my honest opinion and i'll continue to do that .

2nd Their customer services are awesome , really really good. I mean i really din't expexted it , i got pretty nice response from their side regarding everything , including the delivery >>  it was friday afternoon when i placed my order , and it generally takes from 3-5 business days , but i had a party to attend on sunday , so i requested them to if they could send me the stuff by Saturday , and guess what? They were so sweet to send by the next day , and i got it by Saturday evening . Was so so happy. 

3rd They don't provide any site wide discounts but their products are already discounted , and in comparison to, ,etc etc, their prices are the lowest . So i would prefer buying from violet bag . :)

4th They have a wide range of fragrances , cosmetics , skin care products , hair care products and personal care accessories . Although they don't have much variety in cosmetics brand , but they do have a great product range , i mean whatever brands they have , they've got every product available in stock . 
Their collection of fragrances are the best , they have all the high end perfumes from D&G to Hugo Boss to Paris Hilton , Tommy Hilfiger , Calvin Klein and so many more .  

5th They offer Free Shipping on all orders above Rs.250 , which is not that bad at all , and if you order is below Rs. 250 you just have to pay Rs. 50 shipping charges , otherwise not .

Ok So lets Start UNBOXING , yayyyy... :D

BTW , I had no problem in tracking : )

The package was nicely delivered , no damage , nothing broken inside/outside .I was just too excited to unbox it , as it arrived so soon and i could use the brushes for the party , it was free :D , although my order was a lil more than Rs. 1000 , and i paid just that only (i.e.Rs.199) , and lastly , i was taking photos side by side for my blog :) . 

Cute VIOLET box :D
 Although the box was  just a lil damaged but , nothing to be worried about . 

CUTE Right ? :D 
Those cute lil Styrofoam cubes , there are lots of them :P . Anyways the brushes were altogether bubble wrapped  , and was safely tucked in these tiny Styrofoam cubes <3 . 

Nicely Wrapped

OMG! I love the Buffer/Stipple Brush :D :D
 So that's all what i bought from VB ,

Vega Make Up Professional Eye Brush PB-15 (Click Here)
Vega Tweezer Square Tip TW-01 (Click Here)
Vega Make Up Professional Powder Brush PB-09 (Click Here)
Vega Make Up Professional Buffer Brush PB-11 (Click Here)

Vega Tweezers , Vega Eye Brush(Blending brush) , Vega Powder Brush , Vega Buffer Brush
 My order summed up to Rs.1199 , and as my complementary discount for Rs.1000 , So i had to pay just Rs. 199 . :)

Sorry a lil blurred it is
Although i just regret one thing , i later on discovered that VB also had Hair Styling Tools , and i could have bought the Philips hair straightener , which I've been planning to buy for so long , Anyways i guess i'll buy it later on . 
Other than that no complaints , my experience with VB was Great :) . Hope I help you out , go check out the website Here 

Review on Vega Professional Make-up Brushes >> Coming Soon >>
PS- Was given a discount coupon , which doesn't affect my opinion . 

                                                            x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D

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