Monday, December 19, 2011 Review/Unboxing *UPDATED*

Finally! :D 
I don't exactly remember how did I find the website , but was a long time ago . And at that point of time I had been watching alot of contouring and highlighting videos , so obviously I had to buy a bronzer , more like a contour powder , well I hardly knew the difference between them at that point of time , well anyways , I had this huge thing for the NYC color mosaic face powder in all over bronze , and I mean I just had to have that , so it was there on coollifeshop , and I was like so freaking happy :D , so I placed an order with them , basically , yeah for the NYC mosaic face powder . 

As on the Website : is a new online store that focuses on selling cosmetics , skin care , personal care , hair care , eye care , body care , baby care , dental care products , gift hampers and much more at most competitive prices. 

Well as of now they mainly have the cosmetics with them and a brand of denims , 
here's the list of brands they sell : 

  • New York Color (NYC) 
  • Jordana Cosmetics 
  • CQ Scherer 
  • Sally Hansen Natural Beauty 
  • Rimmel London 
  • Texas Jeans 

The Payment method they offer :
Credit/Debit Card
Cash on Delivery (On orders above Rs.1500, which sucks!)

Prices : Well according to me , prices are a bit high , because the brands they are selling are the International Drugstore brands which are mostly in the range of $ 2 - $ 10 , as we all know the jordana products are int the range of $1 , 2 , 3 , but on the website it's around Rs. 300 , Rs. 400 , something like that , so the price range on the website is higher , well that is due to the custom charges and all . 

Now my experience with them 
To be honest I'm not very much impressed with them , my 1st experience with them was really bad , I don't know if I would want to buy again from them or not . 
As the purpose of my order was the NYC mosaic powder , but the COD service was available on orders above Rs. 1000 (at the time I placed the order , but now the COD is available on orders above Rs.1500 ) , so i had to add a few items to my cart , well which wasn't too hard :P . 
Anyways , they had a navratri special 20% discount going on the whole website , the thing weird was that I summed up my order around Rs. 1000 , which must not be a problem but there was , which was that after 20% discount my total was around Rs. 800 or something , which they wouldn't accept for the COD services , I mean how sick is that ?? I was so pissed , they meant to say that COD is available only if you're discounted price is above Rs. 1000 , which was really annoying and which is what I hate about them , which meant I had to buy something to bring it up to a 1000 bucks , and I did , as given no other option . So 1st disappointment was this . 

Shipping and handling : They shipped my order from Speed post which was not that speedy ! I had placed the order on 4th oct. and I got it on 14th oct. , and I had made so many calls in between to check the order status , to which I din't got a satisfying response , I couldn't track my order , well that's another disappointment , well actually there are more to come . 

Packaging : You'll see for yourself , let's have some pictures 

I just liked my name written on it :P 

Two layers of bubble wrap 

Do you see that ?? NYC defective!!
DEFECTIVE PRODUCT!! Yes , it was . After all this what I get is a defective product ? 

Frustration , Uhhhh!! 
Now , can you say by looking at the photos that product was damaged in transit ? Leaving the other items and packaging all safe ? Totally not possible right ? That's what I said , but they were like "we check before sending out the product so it is not possible " , I still feel like the product was like this from the time of shipping . 
Anyways , they asked me to send it back to them so that they can replace it with a new one , I had send it back , but they had still not got the new one , after waiting for so long again , they received it and claimed that the product came damaged like this only , isn't it height ? Than finally they said they'll refund me the amount , but I had to do some bank formalities , which I wasn't able to go to the bank , so it's still not resolved . 

Would I purchase again ? 
Well , with my 1st experience with them , obviously not ! But actually they are the only source of the international drugstore kind of brands , which I can't buy anywhere else , so it depends , and they've said that they are gonna launch ELF this new year , yes ELF in India !! I don't know if it'll happen or not , or what the prices might be , or when will it be launched , but I'll keep you guys updated . :) 

I just had a call from them , and they said that NYC products are coming back in stock , and so is the all over mosaic powder , so he asked me if I'd like to receive that or the money , I was like def. the product :D , so let's see what happens . 
I forgot to update but I have it with me now , and you can read about it here , although I'm due for it's review and will soon let you guys no about it . 

                                                                        x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D


  1. yuhooo for the haul and booo for the defective powder box...... but goody am sooooo gonna check the site out. Thanks. mua.......

  2. This is really bad!!! The powder looks miserable!! And hey I loved reading your reviews-I am your blog's new follower :)

  3. @Roopa Hehe yea do checkout the site because they might have been better now , and soon they are gonna launch ELF <3 (hopefully) .

  4. @golden falcon, Hey ! Welcome to my blog :) , thanks alot :) :) , and yea the powder!!! Grrrhh.... :|