Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UrbanTouch HAU-ALL IN ONE ;)

A Super Super Blog :D 
I know guys I've been such a late lateef ... Off track always :P , sorry , but after such a long break , and after almost 1100 page views (OMG!!Yayyy!!! :D) , I'm finally back :D . But don't worry I'm back with a SUPER blog :)) , and I'm gonna be a little punctual this time :P , ok at least I'll try :D . 

Well as you know, I was due for the UT hauls I have made , I had all the photos and everything , just got a little busy and you know got a lil lazy ;) , so finally I came up with this idea to do a SUPER post i.e. a post filled with all of my UT hauls........ by far :D :D . 
I have shopped quite alot from Urbantouch , and yeah! the sole purpose to buy from them is their awesome black boxes , although I have all in one sizes *sigh* , hehe I always keep trying to get the bigger and smaller ones , but I always end up getting the same ones , anyways , still trying :P . Update- I just bought some jewelry from them , so I got two small ones , yayyy... :D . I might just take some photos and will show you guys soon how I use them to store my make-up , as I'm doing a lot of "organizing" these days :P . 

Ok so, I have hauled almost 9 times from ut :D (including the returns) , and 1st haul is already up on my blog here , but I'm including that too in this SUPER blog :D , I just like saying it again and again :P . 

WARNING : lots of photos , beware :D :P 

So , HAUL 1 (dated-6/9/11): details here

HAUL 2 (dated-15/9/11): Wanted to get some anti-ageing creams for mom , also the nyx cupcake glosses <3 , it is just so cute . :)) I have just seen it alot of times , and heard so much cute things about it :) , I had my eye on these for so long , so I had to buy them . They are reallyyyyyy tiny , which I discovered after buying them :P . 
I got NYX Cup Cake Gloss Of Course :) for Rs.360
Elle18 Kajal 
Vaadi lip balm in Orange & Strawberry (Worst purchase ever!!) Rs.20 each
Lakme Kajal 
Pond's Age Miracle Tinted moisturizer in Sheer Honey 
Garnier Triple action anti-ageing cream 
Pond's Age Miracle Overnight Repair Dream Night Cream 

HAUL 3 (dated-3/11/11): I badly badly wanted to get my hands on the just earth blush from colorbar , also I saw this compact in tan from street wear , was pretty cheap as well as I thought of it as a contour shade , you know me :P , but it turned out way lighter than anything near to tan :| , well anyways I had to return both of them as they were kind of like used/swatched/scratched and the packaging was scratched , dirty , I don't know why , but that's how it was , but they picked it up and gave me a coupon for the same amount , and that's why my HAUL 4 cost me just Rs.35 :P . So I don't have the streetwear compact with me , although I bought just earth again :D . 

So , what I got is Colorbar Blush in Just Earth 
StreetWear Perfect Wear Compact in Tan Rs.125 
Lakme Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle in Natural Marble 

HAUL 4 (dated-8/11/11): I had to use the coupon :P . Well, after returning those above except the lakme souffle , I had the coupon and I wanted a nude matte lippi for so long :P . So there goes my 4th haul , it just costs me  Rs.35 , if that helps ? :P 
I got a Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bare 
Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 
Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink Rs.85 
I personally love the matte lipstick , it's a perfect natural shade , and velvet mattes from colorbar smells so yummy , I don't know what exactly they smell like ,  but it's very sweet , kinda candy like ? 
I have the review almost ready , will leak out the details soon . :) 

HAUL 5 (dated-25/11/11): Story regarding this purchase is simple , the bronzer <3 . Well soon alot coming up , I was going to post about the bronzer first but than I thought I should do this . Anyways I love it alot!!! , and it is a body bronzer haha , you'll know why I'm laughing in upcoming posts . 
All I got is NYX Body Bronzer in Daydream Of Oahu BB 02 
Colobar Blush in Just Earth 

Well, tried my best to show you the photos and I did compared it with the blush , although they have nothing in common , but I know most of you guys have this one blush , so I thought it would give a clear idea as to what I wanna show . 

HAUL 6 (dated-26/12/11): My mom always used just this one lip gloss from lakme , she doesn't like any else , so she was out of hers , so I made a purchase again :P . This is all what I got :
Lakme LipGloss in Strawberry 
StreetWear Perfect Definition Eyeliner in blue 02 Rs.55 only 
Elle18 Color Pops in Pinken 31 
Elle18 Color Burst in Berry Crush 21 
And just a lil info , both of these elle18 lipsticks are non-glitter, non-shimmer, more on a sheer side types . 

HAUL 7 (dated-3/02/12): After a long break , almost a year later :P (just kidding) , I was eyeing on this rat tail comb from vega with a pointed chrome-like stick ? w/e , guess what it just costs Rs.40 :O Shocked right ? So was I , and also I wanted the velvet matte in hot hot hot <3 , as I had a function to attend on the weekend , and again I requested them to send me in a day :P , which they did yayyy.... :D 
I got Vega Tail Comb With Metal Pin Rs. 40 ONLY!! 
Vega Bleach Brush 
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Hot Hot Hot 01R 
And, Faces Toe Separators for just Rs. 45 :) 

HAUL 8 (dated-11/02/12): I hauled again! This time , not for me , but a dear friend , she has something special going on in her life , so I had to buy her a present , I looked up so many websites for accessories but at the end I just came to the quickest and easiest way possible , I knew ut had jewelry but I wasn't that into it , but now I just saw this beautiful pair of loops . Unfortunately , there was one rhinestone missing in it , I had to gift it to her the other day but I possibly couldn't with being that the case , than I contacted ut , and they agreed for the replacement , plus they were so sorry for it that they said I don't have to return the other one , although I can't wear the one with missing rhinestone, but still , their gesture is enough for me :) . 
I got a Youshine Diamante Hoop Earrings 
And also I included the photos of the boxes to show you this is how you get your jewelry , safe and secure , and in a classy way :) . 

So that's everything I ever bought from urbantouch , and now after buying the jewelry , I have now 4 kinds of boxes :D yayyyy......... 

Well that's all for now :P . 
I know I'm a Shopaholic , and trust me I am working on it . 
I'll def. do a separate post/review of almost everything up there soon . 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it :) . 

PS- This post is so not sponsored or anything , I'm not affiliated with urbantouch :P , I just love them 
And PPS- I'm in no ways trying to brag! it's just a collective haul . 

                                                                x.o.x.o. Beauty Gossips :D 


  1. Wowwwwwwwww! U seem to be UT addict.. but i mussay they r supah tempting...i just cant resist buying from UT too! love their svc especially the black box n fast delievery! :D

    following u :)

    1. I knw right ?? Hw cool is that . They r tricking us :D , and after all this they have added a jelwelry section , uhhh!! :D , anyways thanks :)
      Ps-I love ur display name :)

  2. i am also UT addict.....i love nyx cupcakes lipglosses ........hey iam following u...if u like it u can follow me back...

    1. OMG!!! I love your nail arts :) , totally following you :)
      And yea the cupcake gloss are so tiny and cute , the best part of my make up collection :) :)

  3. Hey Gurlfriend, What a yummy haul post. wud like to read reviews of Garnier Agelift and Colorbar Bare. NYX cupcakes are to die for.

    1. Heyyyy,,, how are you ?
      Yeah I know I'm so behind my schedule , I've made a plan to post 5 posts in a day , hopefully today or max by tomorrow .